2006. 14 (1)


About author:

Chetverikov Ph. E., Biological Research Institute, St. Petersburg State University, Old Peterhof 198904, Russia


Species of the subfamily Phyllocoptinae associated with sedges (Cyperaceae) are reviewed. Poorly known Neoleipo-thrix acutiformis (Roivainen, 1950) comb. nov. (from Epitrimerus), N. goodenowii (Roivainen, 1947) comb. nov. (from Epitrimerus), and N. carexis (Petanovic, 1995) comb. nov. (from Epitrimerus) are redescribed. Neoleipothrix goodenowii is considered as a senior subjective synonym of Epitrimerus vicinus Roivainen, 1950 syn. nov. Mites of the genus Neoleipothrix are recorded for Russia and Ukraine for the first time.


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