2011. 19 (1)


About authors:

Sergey V. Mironov, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russia
Proctor H.C., Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E9


Four new species of the feather mite family Pteronyssidae are described from passerines of the family Timaliidae in China (Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces): Mouchetia stachyris sp. n. from Stachyris ruficeps Blyth, Pteroherpus garrulacis sp. n. from Garrulax maesi (Oustalet), Timalinyssus curvilobus sp. n. from Garrulax sannio Swinhoe, and T. grallator sp. n. from Alcippe chrysotis (Blyth). New data on distribution and host associations are provided for six more species of pteronyssids found in the area surveyed. Four species, M. indochinensis Mironov, 1990, P. pycnonoti Mironov, 1992, P. krivolutskii Mironov, 1992 and Pteronyssoides (Pteronyssoides) faini Mironov et Wauthy, 2005, are found in China for the first time; for the two latter species and for Pteronyssoides (Holonyssoides) desmiphorus (Gaud, 1952) and Timalinyssus longitarsus Wang et Wang, 2008 new avian hosts are recorded.


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