2011. 19 (2)


About authors:

Klimov P. B., University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology, 1109 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1079 USA
Tolstikov A.V., Tyumen State University, Department of Zoology and Evolutionary Ecology of Animals, 10 Semakova str., Tyumen, 625003 Russia


Acaroid mites (superfamily Acaroidea) are economically and veterinary important pests. We give a list of 5 families 49 genera, and 180 species of acaroid mites recorded in the Northern and Eastern Asia (Asian part of Russia, South Korea, Japan, and China). One new genus, Sphecacarus Klimov gen. n., is described. The following new synonymies and combinations are proposed: Tortonia Oudemans, 1911 (=Hyohondania Sasa, 1952, syn. nov.); Sancassania polyphyllae (Zachvatkin, 1941) (=Sancassania berteanaeursae Samšiňák, 1970 syn. nov.); Mezorhizoglyphus Kadzhaja, 1966 (=Boletacarus Volgin et Mironov, 1980 syn. nov.); Tortonia kanoi (Sasa, 1952) comb. nov. (from Hyohondania), Tortonia jinyunensis (Zhang at Li, 2003) comb. nov.(from Sinosuidasia).


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