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2017. 25 (1)


About authors:

Sergey G. Ermilov, Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia
Mansurov R.I.,


The oribatid mite, Pergalumna hawaiiensis hawaiiensis (Jacot, 1934) (Oribatida, Galumnidae), is recorded for the first time in Vietnam. It is redescribed and illustrated in detail on the basis of Vietnamese specimens collected from the large decomposing logs in polydominant forest of Cat Tien National Park. The main morphological traits for this species are summarized. An addendum of new taxa, including twenty two species, six genera and two families, to the checklist of oribatid mites of Vietnam is presented. 

DOI: 10.21684/0132-8077-2017-25-1-15-23


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