2018. 26 (2)


About authors:

Jacinavicius F.C., Butantan Institute, Special Laboratory for Zoological Collections, São Paulo, Brazil. 2University of São Paulo, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandary, São Paulo, Brazil
Silva R.A., State University of Santa Cruz, Laboratory of Entomology, Ilhéus, Brazil
Lopez V.M., University of São Paulo, Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters at Ribeirão Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
Silvestre R., Federal University of Grande Dourados, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Dourados, Brazil
Alexander A. Khaustov, X-BIO Institute, Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia


Abstract: A new species, Petalomium barrosbattestiae sp.n. (Acari: Neopygmephoridae), associated with Traumatomutilla rubroguttata (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae) from Brazil, is described. Some new host records of Trochometridium tribulatum Cross, 1965 are reported, including the first record of this species in Brazil. The association between mites of the genus Petalomium and velvet ants is reported for the first time.

DOI: 10.21684/0132-8077-2018-26-2-167-174


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