2019. 27 (1)

A new species of the feather mite genus Analges Nitzsch, 1818 (Acariformes: Analgidae) from the Streaked Spiderhunter Arachnothera magna (Passeriformes: Nectariniidae), with a renewed diagnosis
and world checklist to the genus

About author:

Sergey V. Mironov, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russia


A renewed generic diagnosis of the genus Analges Nitzsch, 1818 (Analgidae: Analginae) is proposed, and several corrections in the species content and taxonomic structure of the genus Analges are made. Designation of Analges passerinus (Linnaeus, 1758) as a type species of the genus Analges by von Heyden (1826) has indisputable priority over A. chelopus (Hermann, 1804) as designated by Trouessart (1916) and incorrectly used by many subsequent researchers. Therefore, the subgenus Analgopsis Trouessart, 1919, which was established with the same type species, A. passerinus, is here synonymized with the genus Analges. The monotypic genus Plesialges Trouessart 1919, placed by Gaud and Atyeo (1996) into the genus Analges Nitzsch, 1818 and so far treated as a subgenus, is removed from Analges and suggested to be a distinct genus. In the concept proposed herein, the genus Analges is not subdivided into subgenera, but several of its species are arranged into two newly established species groups: chelopus and passerinus. A new feather mite species Analges arachnotherae sp. n. is described from Arachnothera magna (Hodgson) (Nectariniidae) from Vietnam.

A world checklist of species of Analges is provided for the first time and includes 64 valid species names. It also includes synonyms and important misidentifications and provides comments to complicate taxonomic cases. Two valid species are given new names because their original names were preoccupied. Analges chlorocichlae nom. nov., stat. nov. is given to the subspecies Analges corvinus minor Gaud et Mouchet, 1959 nom. preocc. from Chlorocichla simplex (Hartlaub) (Pycnonotidae) in Cameroon (Gaud and Mouchet 1959), preoccupied by A. macropus minor Zimmermann, 1894 from Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Linnaeus) (Fringillidae) in Europe. Analges trouessarti nom. nov. is given to Analges pollicipatus Trouessart, 1899 nom. preocc. from Coua caerulea (Linnaeus) (Cuculidae) in Madagascar (Trouessart 1899), preoccupied by Analges pollicipatus Haller, 1882 from Prunella modularis (Linnaeus) (Prunellidae) in Europe (Haller 1882). Full species status is given to two subspecies: Analges calcaratus Trouessart, 1887 stat. nov., originally described as A. bidentatus calcaratus Trouessart, 1887 from Eutoxares aquila Reichenbach (Trochilidae) in “Nouvelle Grenada” (Colombia) (Trouessart 1887), and Analges magellanicus Cooreman, 1953 stat. nov., originally described as A. corvinus magellanicus Cooreman, 1953 from Turdus falcklandii magellanicus King (Turdidae) in Argentina (Cooreman 1953).

DOI: 10.21684/0132-8077-2019-27-1-19-43


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