2020. 28 (1)


About author:

Petr V. Tuzovsky, Institute for Biology of Inland Waters, Russian Academy of Sciences, Borok, Yaroslavl Prov., 152742 Russia


This research was performed as part of a state assignment by the Russian Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO), project No. 0122- 2014-0007. The author expresses sincere gratitude to the anonymous reviewers for their feedback.


This study presents a detailed taxonomic review of water mites of the Piona nodata and the P. coccinoides complexes (Pionidae, Piona), found in Russia. The review includes illustrations, descriptions and redescriptions of 11 Piona species found in Russia: Piona accepta sp. n.; P. ambigua (Piersig, 1894); P. annulata (Thor, 1901); P. caucasica Tuzovskij, 2019; P. coccinoides (Thor, 1897); P. inflata Sokolow, 1927; P. laminata (Thor, 1901); P. magadanensis Tuzovskij, 2013; P. neococcinoides Tuzovskij, 2019; P. nodata (Müller, 1776); and P. nodatella Tuzovskij, 2015. 

DOI: 10.21684/0132-8077-2020-28-1-75-107


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