2016. 24 (1)


About authors:

Ermilov S. G., Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia
Tolstikov A.V., Tyumen State University, Department of Zoology and Evolutionary Ecology of Animals, 10 Semakova str., Tyumen, 625003 Russia


A new species of the genus Perscheloribates—P. (Perscheloribates) curiosus Ermilov sp. n.—is described and illustrated on the basis of adult specimens collected from leaf litter in forests of Сuba. The new species is morphologically most similar to P. (Perscheloribates) luzonensis Corpuz-Raros, 1980; however, it differs from the latter by the presence of bothridial setae pointed distally (vs. rounded), custodia (vs. absent) and well visible notogastral setae (vs. posterior setae hardly visible, other setae represented by alveoli).


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